Kiwanis - Serving the Children of the World
Swift Current
Serving the Children of the World
In order to carry out all the projects that Kiwanis is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees.

Name Chairs Description
Apple Sales - Fundraiser
Archives - Club Committees Responsible for the catloging of club activities ,events and history
Attendance - Club Committees Responsible for club atterndance records, 50-50 draw at club meetings, and taking payment for club meals and paying the Modern.
Blood Donor Clinics - Community Service Seek and schedule volunteers to provide staffing for the refreshment area and assist donors who have completed their blood donation. Purchase food supplies for Kiwanis sponsored clinics.
Board of Directors Responsible for the administration of the club
Bulletin - Club Committees
Millar, Sherrie
Responsible for reporting on Club Meetings and the distribution of the the weekly club newsletters. Usually has a different monthly bulletin editor from the club membership
Christmas Tree Sales - Fundraiser
Stewart, Courtney
Ruus, Michael
Arrange for annual sale of Christmas Trees
Community Service
Tasche, Stewart
Drinkle, Peggy
Assess requests for support (financial and/or labour) enabling the potential of improving the community and/or assist agencies or community groups to enhance the quality of life for citizens of Swift Current and area. We do not fund other charitable organizations or cover operating costs.
Duck Derby - Community Service See projects
Fundraising Chairman
Golf Tournament - Fundraiser 3RD Annual Golf Tournament Friday, June 4th at 1:00 p.m. Shotgun Start. $125.00 registration fee includes green fees, cart, steak supper, prizes and a tax receipt.
High School Youth Leadership - Youth Services Assist in coordination of programing for Youth Leadership at the High School level in consulation with school officials.
Highway Cleanup - Community Service See projects
Interclubs - Club Committees An Interclub meeting is one which is held by two or more Kiwanis clubs (including clubs in formation), or by a Kiwanis Club and any Builders Club, Circle K Club or Key Club To be considered an Interclub, no less than four must attend.
Kiwanis Caring Clowns - Community Services See projects
K-Kids - Youth Services
Lobsterfest - Fundraising Coordinates with the Rotary Club to organise the annual Lobsterfest to raise funds for community projects
Meals On Wheels - Community Service To recruit Kiwanis volunteers for delivering Meals on Wheels (one route) for the month of Februray organized by Volunteers Services of Cypress Health Region
Media Relations - Club Committees
Stewart, Courtney
Moberg, Elden
Responsible to promote club activities in the community with various medias such as radio, television and newspapers
Membership - Club Committees Duties: •Attract, recruit and retain members •Develop and/or obtain membership materials •Responsible for the acquisition and storage of membership materials, in addition to hats, visors, pins, membership kits and certificates •Meet as required to arrange for recruitment of new members •Maintain records for all potential new members •Maintain records of members who have resigned, changed status and/or taken leaves •Attend “potential new members luncheons” as required •Assist with the pl
Nominations - Club Committees Responsible for the nomination of members to variuos club positons for board, projects, committees
Parade Float - Community Services Prepare and arrange for the Kiwanis Float for Frontier Days Parade
Phoning Phones members
Planning & Priorities - Club Committees Responsible for the direction of the club.They look at changes that ned to be made to keep club up to date, reveiw fundraising, impact on community
Program & House - Club Committees Responsible for meeting location, meals, and guest speakers
Relay For Life - Community Service Provide a food budget ($500-$700). Arrange for labour and distribute food for 3 hours during the relay
Social - Club Committees Responsible for the planning of club social activities like Christmas Party, Corn Feed
Spiritual Aims - Community Service See projects
Spookerama - Youth Services •Following a number of years of escalating vandalism and hooliganism, an initiative was started in 1978 to give teens in Swift Current a Hallowe’en event (dance) to go to instead of creating havoc •Initially held at the airport, in a hangar, the event evolved into two dances •Now Hallowe’ens in Swift Current are fun, safe and uneventful affairs for the youth and community
Windscape & 4H BBQ Liaison - Youth Services Serve as liaison between Kiwanis and these community service projects. Seek volunteers as needed.
Youth Services Umbrella Committee for all youth services activities
Youth Wellness Conference - Youth Services Arranges a conference on wellness for middle school students